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Lindsay Kemeny is honored to be a co-host of the Literacy Talks Podcast. A new episode is released every two weeks. Available on all major podcast platforms.

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Lindsay has made guest appearances on the following podcasts
Reading Road Trip Podcast

S1 E4: Mighty Moves for Reading Success with Lindsay Kemeny
This week, Kate has a conversation with Lindsay Kemeny, a primary teacher from Utah and author of the brand-new book 7 Mighty Moves: Research-Backed, Classroom-Tested Strategies to Ensure K-To-3 Reading Success. You can find Lindsay on her website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Lindsay's book, 7 Mighty Moves: Research-Backed, Classroom-Tested Strategies to Ensure K-to-3 Reading Success, is a must-read!
Human Chapters Podcast

Using Your Brave Voice - A Conversation with Lindsay
It was an absolute honour to engage in a hearty and insightful conversation with Lindsay about her Chapter, Using Your Brave Voice. Lindsay open-heartedly shared the following:
  • her childhood dreams
  • her teacher training and the beginning of this career
  • her son's diagnoses of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia
  • her son's suicidal ideation and depression during the journey of learning to read and write
  • what Lindsay did to equip herself with the tools to ensure her son received the right services and knowledge
  • her book, 7 Mighty Moves: Research-Backed Classroom-Tested Strategies To Ensure K-To-3 Reading Success
The Phenomenal Student Podcast

Phenomenal Spotlight W/Mr. Short: Lindsay Kemeny and 7 Mighty Moves
In today's spotlight, I spoke with Lindsay Kemeny, a primary teacher and author of the newly-released(On Scholastic) 7 Mighty Moves. (Available On Amazon July 20th)
Lindsay and I discussed the progress in the Science of Reading movement, her new book and what she hopes others gain from the book.
Be Phenomenal, Mr. Short
Educator Voices Podcast

Educator Voices: Person Journeys through the Science of Reading
In this episode, Susan Lambert joins elementary educator Lindsay Kemeny for a conversation about her journey of discovery with the Science of Reading. A current second grade teacher with ten years of experience in elementary education, Lindsay Kemeny has been published in the Reading League Journal and spoken alongside literacy experts like Emily Hanford. In this episode, Lindsay discusses how she processed her shock and guilt at realizing she’d never been taught how to properly teach reading. She also discusses the journey she took as a mother and an educator when her son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia alongside depression, and how that inspired her to dive into what is needed for good literacy instruction and what students with learning disabilities need.
Melissa and Lori Love Literacy Podcast

Ep. 80: A Primary Teacher's Perspective on Science of Reading, Small Group Instruction, and Use of Sound Walls
In this episode, Lindsay Kemeny, 2nd grade teacher, gives a deep dive into her evidence-based, small group instruction time. Her journey to the science of reading was necessary and life altering. It led her to clarity on structured, systematic approaches to teaching reading. She discusses informal and formal assessments, how she uses data to determine small groups, and center options for practicing reading and writing. Her best advice? KEEP. IT. SIMPLE!
Melissa and Lori Love Literacy Podcast

Ep 98: Improving Student Reading Growth in Months with Fluency Instruction and Practice
How can regular fluency practice lead to fluent readers? In today’s episode, educators Lorraine Griffith and Lindsay Kemeny discuss the impact of fluency in their classrooms. Fluency is a bridge: It connects word recognition with comprehension. We dive into whole and small group fluency instruction with simple strategies and more.
Chatting with Lindsay Kemeny from Literacy Talks Podcast

TRT Podcast #83: It's all about taking gradual steps
Lindsay was a fierce balanced literacy advocate … until everything she knew didn't help her son learn to read. You'll love hearing how Lindsay educated herself and began tutoring her son, who has severe dyslexia. He's now a successful, avid reader!